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Criminal charges of any kind can have long-term effects on those accused or convicted, but being convicted of an internet sex crime can be especially damaging to an individual’s freedoms, reputation, and livelihood. The stigma associated with being convicted of an internet sex crime can follow a person long after their court-ordered sentences have been fulfilled, and most of those convicted will be listed in a sex offender registry that can affect a person’s future job prospects, educational opportunities, and may even dictate where they can live.

Unfortunately, because of the stigma associated with sex crimes, those accused can find themselves facing an overzealous prosecution, making experienced and aggressive legal defense essential for those looking to battle a sex crimes charge. The attorneys at Sampson & Bové, LLC understand the full effects that a sex crimes conviction can have on your life and future, and want to help you fight to protect your good name in the face of such serious charges.

Internet Sex Crimes Cases We Handle

With advances in technology, a number of different internet-based sex crimes have arisen and been recognized by law enforcement officials, all of which are taken very seriously and carry equally serious penalties. Our team is prepared to put the full resources of our firm to work defending individuals accused of:

  • Lewd behavior online

  • Child pornography possession

  • Child pornography distribution

  • Possession or distribution of other illegal, sexually explicit materials


A conviction on any of these charges has the potential to affect every aspect of your life, and as such, you cannot afford to take chances with your defense. Make sure your rights and freedoms are protected to the fullest extent possible by enlisting the support of a skilled defense attorney.

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