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Drug crimes have become one of the most common causes of arrest and imprisonment in the United States, and individuals facing controlled substance/drug charges may be confronted with a wide range of potentially life-altering consequences. As our nation continues the never-ending “war on drugs,” more and more of our citizens are being arrested and charged with drug offenses ranging from simple possession of marijuana to complex drug conspiracies involving multiple co-defendants and large quantities of controlled substances. While the majority of controlled substance/drug charges are filed in state court, the more complex cases are often filed in federal court. Whether it be state or federal court, both jurisdictions call for harsh penalties, and in some cases, mandatory minimum periods of confinement for those convicted of certain controlled substance/drug charges.

In defending controlled substance/drug cases, the most common issues we face in court revolve around the legality of the search or seizure of the suspected controlled substances, whether the drug or controlled substance was “knowingly” possessed, and whether the alleged controlled substance is in fact a controlled substance at all. As the government continues to use confidential informants, snitches, and special narcotics task forces to build their cases, it becomes apparent that many of those involved have an interest in the outcome of the case aside from simply seeking justice. Snitches and informants often trade their testimony or involvement in the case for their own liberty. Some units within law enforcement receive additional funding based on the quantity of controlled substances seized and number of arrests made. These motives and outside influences sometimes lead to the wrongful arrest and conviction of our citizens.

Controlled substance/drug charges, whether in state or federal court, require the assistance of a qualified, knowledgeable attorney in order to be effectively defended. Fortunately, Sampson & Bové, LLC knows how to handle such charges and ensure that the rights and interests of our clients are well-represented when facing controlled substance/drug charges. Just as we do in every case we handle, we begin our representation with a thorough investigation into the facts surrounding the allegation. This may involve conducting thorough background checks on witnesses and/or snitches, interviewing witnesses, testing the alleged controlled substance/drug, or closely examining what can be in some cases hundreds of hours of wiretaps. We then identify what, if any, legal issues there are in the case. For example, we examine whether the police had a legal basis to make the initial stop that led to the seizure of the controlled substance/drug, whether the police had a legal basis for the arrest that led to the seizure of the controlled substance/drug, and whether the actual search and/or seizure of the controlled substance was lawful. We try to identify what, if any, evidence the government has to link the controlled substance/drug to the citizen accused. Merely being present where a controlled substance/drug is found is usually not enough without some type of affirmative link between the controlled substance/drug and the citizen accused. The bottom line is that we will do everything we possibly can in pursuit of your legal defense within the limits prescribed by law and professional ethics.

Our Controlled Substance/Drug Charges Practice Areas

Ranging from possession of minor amounts of drugs to selling and trafficking drugs, drug charges can vary widely, both in the charge itself and the penalties a convicted person will face. Regardless of whichever of the following drug charges a person is facing however, having a qualified lawyer is essential:

  • Marijuana Possession

  • Cocaine Possession

  • Heroin Possession

  • Methamphetamine Possession

  • Controlled Substance/Drug Possession

  • Controlled Substance/Drug Sales

  • Controlled Substance/Drug Manufacturing / Delivery

  • Controlled Substance/Drug Traffic / Distribution

  • Controlled Substance/Drug Paraphernalia

  • Controlled Substance/Drug Importation


Avoiding conviction of any of these and other controlled substance/drug charges is paramount. While there are no guarantees, you are more likely to avoid conviction or have reduced penalties with the guidance of a knowledgeable criminal defense attorney.

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