The attorneys at Sampson & Bové know that being accused of a criminal offense is likely the most difficult challenge a citizen will ever face. For many, merely being charged with a crime by the state or federal government can be life-altering. The penalties attached to a criminal conviction, including incarceration and substantial fines, are significant. Additionally, the long-term consequences of having a criminal record can be incredibly difficult to overcome, often creating obstacles for the individual in obtaining employment or simply finding a place to live. For all of these reasons, it is of the utmost importance for people who find themselves suspected of or charged with a criminal offense to hire a competent criminal defense attorney as soon as possible.

Good people sometimes find themselves in difficult situations. Whether you are accused of a relatively minor offense, such as disorderly conduct, or something major, such as homicide, you deserve an attorney who understands that this is the most pressing event in your life, and it must be addressed as such. You deserve an attorney that can help you understand your legal situation, is sympathetic to your situation, and can help you prepare a strong and aggressive defense. 

Board Certified in Criminal Law*

Our Practice Areas

The attorneys at Sampson & Bové have substantial experience assisting clients in a wide range of cases in their years of work as a criminal defense attorneys. Since 2004, Mr. Sampson has been recognized every year as either a Rising Star or as a Super Lawyer by Thomson Reuters for his outstanding achievements in the field of criminal law and, as such, is prepared to help anyone in Houston and surrounding counties facing any state, federal, or military criminal charges. Mrs. Bové represents clients at trial, on appeal, and in postconviction proceedings in state and federal courts. 

  • Burglary/Theft/Robbery
  • Assault/Aggravated Assault

  • Gun/Weapons Crimes

  • Criminal Mischief

  • Reckless Driving

  • Murder and Homicide

  • Hit and Run

  • White Collar Crimes

  • Intoxication Crimes

  • Vehicular Crimes

  • Disorderly Conduct and Related Offenses

  • Internet Sex Crimes/Sex Offenses

  • Fraud

  • Military Law

  • Driving While Intoxicated 

  • Controlled Substance/Drug Charges

  • Marijuana Possession

  • Cocaine Possession

  • Heroin Possession

  • Methamphetamine Possession

  • Domestic Violence

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If you are suspected or have been accused of criminal conduct, it is essential that you obtain the services of an attorney who is experienced handling such cases as soon as possible to ensure that your rights and interests under the law are fully upheld. Our attorneys are skilled in protecting the rights of people who have been charged with a criminal offense, and can help you understand your situation and begin working on your defense options. Call (713) 337-1420 today to speak with a qualified criminal defense lawyer and schedule a free initial consultation to begin preparing your defense.

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